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Sweet Love (SOS Multi-Author)
Changeling Press

Special Agent Zac Sweet has handled strange assignments for Fish and Wildlife, but his new mission, finding a missing shifter stone for a powerful wizard, gives strange a whole new definition. Toss in a new partner, a sexy feline cop with attitude, and the case really gets interesting.

Detective Cattus Love of the Department of Antiquities thought the shifter stone was a myth. She’d scratch and claw for this assignment, but the mission comes with a downside, an S.O.S. agent for a partner. No thank you. Been there. Done that.

Cattus is stuck with Sweet, but this time no one, not even a hunky werewolf, is snatching the credit out of her paws. A stolen shifter stone. A hunky werewolf. A feline with attitude...

The hunt is on.

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