Holiday Howlz: Canine Call
Changeling Press

Attus Tratt commands Red Alpha Base, a paranormal military group. He has ultra-sensitive hearing and during each full moon his nights are tortured by the nocturnal, erotic screams of Jynx Islin. She's beautiful and sexy and her vocal climaxes are driving Attus crazy. Jynx is a werewolf, an expert tracker, and she's in love with a human. She longs for Attus and when the moon is full she reaches out to her handsome commander the only way possible -- through his exceptional hearing. Each gasp, groan, growl and scream is just for him.

A rescue mission brings them together on a full moon Christmas and Attus must answer Jynx's canine call.

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Excerpt for Holiday Howlz: Canine Call

Chapter One

Red Alpha Base, Northern California, 2079

A sensual, nocturnal howl shattered Unit Leader Attus Tratt's slumber, bringing him out of his bed and to full alert. Recognizing the source of the erotic cry, his heart slammed against his chest wall and his blood heated.

It wasn't the first time Attus had heard Jynx Islin climax, and that ball-grabbing call that had awakened him wouldn't be her last. Not while the moon was full. For the first time in his life Attus wished he were stone deaf.

Born blind, Attus' ultra-exceptional hearing served as his conduit to a dark world. At fourteen years of age, computerized implants in his eyes had given him extraordinary day and night vision and when desired Attus had the capability of shuttering the lens.

Unfortunately, he wasn't able to shut off his acute hearing.

Pulling on a pair of sweatpants and running shoes, Attus left his quarters and began the two-mile jog around the perimeter of Red Alpha Base. His shoes slapping the pavement, Attus wondered how many miles he'd have to run before Jynx satisfied her sensual needs.

Attus wished he were the source of Jynx's satisfaction, his mouth, his hands and his cock pleasuring her magnificent body.

He'd seen Jynx naked once, and the image of her standing in the sudden summer downpour, droplets clinging to her lashes and lips, long hair plastered to her wet skin and rivulets of water streaming over her breasts and down her belly to the triangle of curls between her legs remained forever seared in his memory.

The look she'd given him, the desire reflected in her silvery eyes had the capacity to heat his blood to boiling.

As Attus passed a security post, a winged creature swooped over him and landed on a nearby post. Bright yellow eyes focused on him.

"Good evening, UL."

"‘Evening, Boxley," Attus said.

The owl flew away and Attus continued running. As the unit leader he was responsible for an elite paranormal special ops group unlike any ever assembled. Every soldier assigned to this facility had a unique gift. A shapeshifter capable of taking avian forms, Boxley was an excellent night sentry and accustomed to Attus' nighttime jogs.

He'd rather run for miles than lie in bed and listen to Jynx's provocative canine call.


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