Canus (Thunder Wolves 3)
Changeling Press

Thanks to her precognitive skill, Unit Leader Dalyn Durant has an excellent mission success rate. But lately, her missions have encountered problems she couldn't foresee. A dark wolf is consuming her visions. He's a stranger and he's coming for her.

His first night assigned to Black Alpha Base, Canus Thunder catches an irresistible scent. She's sexy, a she-wolf, a soldier and she's his perfect mate. But the rise of the sun brings bad news. Dalyn is his new unit leader and he's been assigned to evaluate her team. The rules of engagement have changed.

A mission brings them back together, but Dalyn's injuries threatened to tear them apart all over again.

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Excerpt from Canus

Unit Leader Dalyn Durant stared into her beer and listened to the comforting sounds of clinking glasses, clacking billiard balls, raised voices and blaring country music. The bar wasn't classy or cool. The plywood floor was sticky with beer and the air conditioner didn't work, but it beat bullets and blood. Across the room the three members of her elite unit were arguing over the results of a ball game. McHenry should be with them, but she hadn't foreseen the ambush that had taken him out.

Going into today's mission her precog skill had failed her. For weeks, the only thing coming out of the fog was the wolf, that big brown alpha wolf.

Her nose twitched. She inhaled an unfamiliar, but enticing scent of male werewolf.

"This seat taken?"

Dalyn swiveled on the barstool. Her breath caught. The tall, good-looking soldier was a werewolf, but not a pure blood. His eyes were beautiful, more gold than brown and framed with long dark lashes. He wore his brown hair in a military cut, but the gold streaks were visible. Like everyone else in the bar, he was dressed in fatigue cargo pants, a brown T-shirt, dangling dog tags and no insignia showing his rank. Enemy snipers liked to target officers.

"It's free."

He smiled and Dalyn's heart rate jumped. The ratio of male to female on base was twenty to one. She spent most of her days in the company of alpha males with brains and brawn, both human and shifter, so what made this one special?

He smelled like a fantasy. Maybe she was just lonely.

Maybe he was the wolf coming out of the fog.

He slid onto the stool and raised his hand. The bartender hustled over. "A beer and another one for the lady."

"Thanks." Dalyn usually limited herself to two beers, but maybe tonight she'd have a third and enjoy a bit of company. The soldier smelled so good, an intoxicating werewolf scent that made her wish the moon was full and the two of them were alone and naked.

"I'm Canus."


"Is it always this rowdy on a Wednesday night?"

Dalyn laughed. "You should see it on Friday night."

"Will you be here on Friday night?"

"If the mood strikes me. If my team isn't given a last minute mission."

The beers arrived. The soldier took a long pull on the beer. "How long have you been stationed here."

"A year," Dalyn said. "How about you?"

"Just arrived. Temporary assignment. I was stationed at Red Alpha, but it looks like your sector is heating up."

The missions were more dangerous. More wounded. More dying. Things were getting ugly. "Let's not talk shop, okay?"

"Okay." The wolf turned his attention to his beer.

"Sorry, Canus. I didn't mean to snap. I come here to relax, to forget."

"I understand."

He finished his beer without engaging her in conversation. He stood and placed a bill on the bar. "Maybe I'll see you Friday night."

Dalyn didn't want to talk shop, but she didn't want to be alone either. Her last relationship had ended before she'd been stationed at Black Alpha where the damn air smelled of testosterone. She hadn't taken a lover in over a year and she hadn't been with a wolf since she'd joined the army.

She grasped Canus' forearm to keep him from walking away. The brief skin-to-skin contact sent a raw jolt of desire through her. The moon was in its waning phase so it had to be the wolf stirring her senses.

"Canus. Please, sit down. Things have been heating up here. Back-to-back missions. Taking casualties. I need a friend, even if it's only for tonight."

"We could take a walk. You could show me the base. Talk if you like."

"I'd like that. Mind if I meet you outside? My team's here, the loud three near the pool tables. If we walk out together we'll have a cheering section before we hit the door."

A smile teased his lips. "Meet you outside."

"Thanks. I'll be with you in five."


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