A Changeling For All Seasons 2 (Box Set)

Changeling Press

Eleven tales of Christmas Magic from your favorite Changeling authors...

Holly's Jolly Christmas by Ciarra Sims: Dear Santa: I need a man. Not a rich one or a perfect lover, just a kind, caring, maybe funny and decent looking guy...

Merry's Christmas M╬śnage by Eve Vaughn: Dax makes it his mission to give fate a hand and bring Thorne and Merry together, with the help of some Christmas Magic.

Christmas Cookie by Elizabeth Jewell: Everybody has their Christmas traditions -- even vampires.

Happy Howlidays by Isabella Jordan: The moon is full this Christmas Eve and the two handsome hunks have some business with Sarah that they mean to finish.

Elves Gone Wild by Lacey Savage: The candy-cane wrapping paper on her sister's gift reveals the sexiest naked man Grace has ever laid eyes on...

The Gift by Lia Connor: When Rob gets a job at a swanky Christmas celebration, he's all about the money -- that is, until he meets Shika.

Santa Six by B.J. McCall: Anni Marks attends a Santa auction on Celestial Desires, an adult entertainment space station. On auction, twelve handsome younger men and one night of holiday pleasure.

Sideways Glance by Camille Anthony: A heated sideways glance from a handsome suntanned hunk sparks a desire in Cheryl to celebrate life.

Yule Wolf by Kate Hill: On a dark, cold Yuletide Eve Fenris offers Roth the most priceless holiday gift imaginable.

Karmic Gifts by Kira Stone: Fate has a karmic gift in store for Pax... if she's brave enough to accept it.

Snowman by Willa Okati: Josh is holding out hope for a miracle, that there will be a man perfect for him, one who loves him with all his heart.

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Excerpt for Santa Six

Anni Marks watched the young men dressed in nothing but Santa hats move along the catwalk. Handsome and fit, each was available for purchase. Anni swallowed the lump of excitement forming in her throat.

After one full circle, the young men began to pause in front of a different patron, turning slowly, giving the bidder a chance to take a good look. The first to pose before her was blond and built like a weightlifter with bulky arms and legs. Not the type she wanted tonight.

Dick bobbing as he strutted past, one flashed a generous smile. Another with penetrating blue eyes rubbed a lean thigh. Anni wouldn't choose him or any other blue-eyed Santa. She needed no reminders of Deric.

Her divorce was official and tonight was the first step in reclaiming her life. Deric had wanted her for her money, to save his corporation, and once he'd accomplished his goal he'd ignored her and indulged in his own pleasures.

After a year of celibacy, Anni intended to gratify her own needs with one of these handsome studs.

A lean built Santa stopped before her. Anni's breath caught at the stark beauty of his face. His eyebrows were dark slashes above silvery eyes framed with long lashes. His expression uncertain, his movements hesitant and unpracticed, he turned in a slow circle.


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