A Changeling For All Seasons 7 (Box Set)

Changeling Press

Eleven tales of Seasonal Magic from your favorite Changeling authors.

Merry Mate by B.J. McCall: Sierra doesn't believe in magic, but she's willing to give it a try and find her merry mate.

Reindeer Sex Games by Lacey Savage: When a dead-ringer for Santa Claus barges into the room claiming Nikki has ruined Christmas, she's got a lot of explaining to do...

Ribboned by Megan Slayer: Raven Elf has his sights set on Daria. The hard part is convincing her that their connection is meant to last.

Mistletoe Madness by Mikala Ash: An ancient tradition on a new world. Will it bring love or disaster?

Hearth and Home by Ayla Ruse: Will the sparks between the three be enough to create a happily ever after this Christmas Eve?

Valentine's Vow by Willa Okati: True love comes where you're least looking for it... and where it's been, all along.

Ticket to Ride by Ana Raine: Addison never thought he'd be into kinky sex, but he'd do anything to please Taylor.

Cupid Gone Weird by Stephanie Burke: Cupid only wants a little revenge on Chris Cringle, but no one can really tell what will happen when Cupid Goes Weird.

Special Order by Sean Michael: Brad bakes some special cupcakes to spicing up his and Sandy's love life. It just might be a very happy Christmas this year.

Ribbons and Lace by Anne Kane: All Leonardo wants for Christmas is a sexy little elf!

A Gift for Wulf by Marteeka Karland: To protect her beloved forest, can Nadia gift herself to Wulf the Feared?

Publisher's Note: The novellas in A Changeling For All Seasons 7 (Box Set) have been previously published.

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Excerpt for Merry Mate

"If our luck doesn't change by Christmas, we return the doll and the hat." Nan looked at the shopkeeper. "For a full refund?"

"Full refund," Mystery said.

Thinking this was the most foolish thing she and Nan had done since they'd decided to cut and color one another's hair after drinking a pitcher of margaritas, Sierra pulled out her credit card.

Nan snatched it out of her hand and gave it to the shopkeeper. "Ring us up."

Mystery processed the sales and handed over their purchases. "Have a wonderful holiday." Then she looked at Sierra. "Merry mate."

Packages in hand, Sierra and Nan left the shop.

"What is she?" Sierra asked.

"Mystery? Not your run of the mill human," Nan said.

"There's something about her I can't quite put my finger on."

Nan giggled. "Do you think she's a witch?"

"Could be, but she may be a seer and sees the future."

"Do you think it will work, the doll and the hat?"

Sierra glared at Nan. "Now you have doubts? Our credit cards just got dinged for five hundred bucks. Each!"

A slow smile curved Nan's lips. "We'll know soon. Christmas is only a week away."

"Yeah, seven whole days to find my merry mate. I can't believe I bought into that."

"Maybe seven's your lucky number."

"To go with my lucky hat."

Nan laughed and hooked her arm in Sierra's. "I'm starving. Let's find a place for lunch, have a glass of wine and make a plan."


"The hat is a perfect fit for your mate, right? All we have to do is find him."


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