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Cosmic Cops (Collection)
Changeling Press

Cosmic Cops is the nickname for the Galactic Enforcement Agency and the officers of the GEA don't like it, but they have to live with it. What's irresistible to alpha males? Three women packing heat!

Dark Ecstasy
Captain Isabet Renard has just landed every cop's fantasy beat Club Xs, the most successful adult pleasure playground in the galaxy. But the best part of her new assignment comes after hours. Dark Ecstasy. It's nothing short of addictive.

Dark Pleasures
Lt. Sada Prentiss is a success story. She's hidden her notorious past, joined the Cosmic Cops, and her bravery has made the intergalactic news. But fame has its price and to survive she must revive the Dark Pleasures.

Dark Obsession
Captain Riva Vix has broken cop code and fallen for a criminal. He's a master thief and he's her Dark Obsession. Their relationship has one hard and fast rule: he can't operate in her territory. But as Riva know, rules are made to be broken.

This collection contains the previously released novellas in the Cosmic Cops series: Dark Ecstasy, Dark Pleasures, and Dark Obsession.

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Excerpt for Cosmic Cops: Dark Obsession

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"I thought you'd never get here." Although she was usually calm even in dangerous situations, Captain Riva Vix's heart raced and her emotions tumbled whenever she laid eyes on Landis Eden. Part of her feared he'd fail to show one day, and the reason tore at her. He'd been caught and arrested, or worse, been killed.

"I was detained at the Kortus transport station and had to take a later shuttle flight," he said, dropping his bag before gathering her into his arms.

"You were stopped and questioned?"

"I always travel under an alias."

She touched his chest. "You're a wanted man on several planets."

"Don't worry about me, Riva."

She slipped her arms around his neck and pressed her body to his. Although Landis was of average height and build, every inch of him was lean muscle. He was smart, strong and self-assured, but worrying about him had become part of her life. "One of these days your luck will run out."

He smiled. "I'm not wanted on Solis 6."

Strikingly handsome, his face was angular, his hair black and his eyes as blue as the manufactured lagoon surrounding Paradise Resort.

He slid his hand to her butt and squeezed. "But you wouldn't believe how many people travel wearing expensive jewelry. On my flight, I sat across from a woman wearing Earth rubies. I complimented her on their clarity. She bought me a drink."

Riva narrowed her eyes. "She still has her rubies?"

"She does. I'll always honor our contract." He brushed his lips to Riva's. "On Solis 6 you don't arrest anyone, I don't steal anything and we spend every moment we have together fucking."

She trembled at the sudden heat reflected in his amazing blue eyes. "My badge and my weapon are already in the safe."

"I've missed you, Riva," he whispered.

He took her mouth, kissing her lushly, deeply, stealing her breath.

She'd missed him too. A thousand times she'd told herself to break off the affair. If her superiors at the Galactic Enforcement Agency, commonly known as the Cosmic Cops, discovered Riva was involved with one of the most notorious jewel thieves in the galaxy, her career would suffer. But for Riva, Landis was like an addictive drug. You knew it was bad for you, but you couldn't stop until you got your fix.

The need for the fix wasn't subsiding. If anything, the more she and Landis made love, the more she craved him. Knowing she shouldn't have him made their stolen nights in Paradise Resort all the more alluring. Landis Eden was her dark obsession.


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