Hunting Evil
Changeling Press

The Interplanetary Ministry has hired Maxim Sange to capture Tarrand, an elusive criminal. Others have tried to capture the evil shape-shifter and all have died trying. Maxim is Vazan Shield's best hunter and if he delivers Tarrand the bounty is huge.

Only one person knows the shape-shifter well enough to find him, Tarrand's beautiful ex-lover, Zoe Storm. Although he doesn't trust her, Maxim needs her. Although he shouldn't desire her, his body doesn't always obey.

Zoe is willing to do anything to get out of prison and destroy, even deceive a sexy vampire.

Two hunters join forces, but once they capture evil all the rules have changed.

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Excerpt for Hunting Evil

Anticipating the debilitating stun of the force field, Zoe sucked in a breath and gritted her teeth. Fire raced through her feet, up her legs, screamed along her skin to her shoulders.


The shield separating her from the parole board sank silently into the floor. Dressed in official white tunics bearing the prison's insignia, three men sat on a dais meant to intimidate the inmate appearing before them. Pain shot through Zoe's chest and a shriek filled her throat, but the anticipatory grin on one of the bureaucrat's face as the field stabilized forced her to swallow and bear the agony in silence.

She'd been a model prisoner, so why had they dragged her out of her bunk before her morning meal?

A slight movement to her right caught Zoe's attention. To her surprise, a man stood in the shadows. She couldn't see his face, but he was tall. Back straight, shoulders squared and feet slightly apart he had the bearing of a man used to discipline.

The bureaucrat in the middle spoke in Arano, the intergalactic commercial and diplomatic language. "Prisoner Zoe Storm. This board is determining your eligibility for parole."

Her breath hitched. She'd been given a life sentence without the privilege of parole so the cautious why of it mingled with exhilaration of possible liberation.

"You have not completed the term of your punishment, but the Interplanetary Ministry, in its benevolence, has taken extenuating circumstances under consideration."

Benevolence my ass! What's the catch?

"An opportunity has arisen for you to serve your government."

Depending on the inmate's skills, serving the Ministry meant anything from killing an enemy to fucking a senior official. Zoe could taste freedom, but what was the price? She wanted to ask, but prisoners were allowed to speak only when directly addressed. Violating the rules resulted in severe pain.

"Are you willing to serve your government in any capacity?"

What could they possibly ask that she hadn't already done? Not much. "I am."

"The Interplanetary Ministry will grant parole on the condition that you are to be remanded into the custody of a contracted member of Vazan Shield."

Her gaze cut to the shadowed figure. The vampire planet of Vazan wasn't part of the Interplanetary Ministry, but the government often contracted the services of Vazan Shield, the premier security corporation in the galaxy. Why would a vampire want her? Why didn't he show his face?

"Prisoner Storm, are you willing to accept this condition?"

Even a blood drinker was preferable to a life sentence. "I am."

"Upon completion of the mission, you'll be granted a pardon. Do you understand?"

For a chance at a pardon, she'd bite the vampire and suck his blood. "I do."

"Agent Sange, do you wish to question the prisoner?"

Maxim Sange? The reason for her unexpected parole slammed into Zoe.

The famous bounty hunter stepped out of the shadows and approached her. He was a big fucker and dressed like a mercenary in black trousers, a long sleeved dark gray shirt, black vest and heavy boots.

"You recognize my name?"

His eyes were dark blue, the piercing eyes of a predator. His face was rough-hewn and he wore his straight dark brown hair pulled back and tied at the nape. Handsome, he wasn't, but his rugged features were striking. By reputation Sange was dangerous. In person he had raw sex appeal. If she had to be in someone's custody it might as well be Sange. "I do."

"Then you know I'm hunting Tarrand?"

"I know you're hunting evil."

His lips curved as if amused then he turned away and addressed the prison authorities. "The prisoner is acceptable."


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