Lick This
Changeling Press

Faith hates peppermint. Can a sexy elf tempt her to take a lick from a candy cane laced with Christmas magic?

Faith hates Christmas. She hates peppermint, too, but every Christmas morning she finds a stocking stuffed with candy canes hanging from her fireplace mantel. This Christmas she's determined to catch the culprit.

It's Norr's job to help Faith regain her Christmas spirit. So far, he's failed to tempt her with peppermint candy canes. This year is his last chance. One lick isn't all he wants, but it's a start. What's an elf to do?

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Excerpt from Lick This

Faith Porter secured every window and door in her two-bedroom house before turning off all the lights and crouching down behind her living room sofa to wait. It was Christmas Eve.

This year I'm going to catch you red-handed.

After a couple of hours, Faith became doubtful. What if the culprit didn't make an appearance? Two years ago on Christmas morning she'd discovered a red stocking stuffed with small peppermint candy canes hanging from her fireplace mantel. Faith was convinced her best friend was playing a trick on her. Marsha knew Faith hated Christmas and detested peppermint.

Marsha denied pulling the prank, but no one else had a key to her house.

Last Christmas, Faith had discovered another red stocking stuffed with a dozen long candy canes. Marsha had been visiting her mother in Florida. If Marsha wasn't the offender, who was?

Yawning, Faith pulled her cell phone out of the pocket of her zip-up hoodie and checked the time. Six hours until dawn.

Tough it out.

An hour later, Faith fought the need for sleep. She shook her hands and flexed her jaw.


Faith jerked to attention.

A scraping sound came from the fireplace.

Moving slowly, Faith turned around and raised her head to peek over the back of the sofa.

Twinkling lights appeared in the fireplace, followed by feet clad in dark green boots. What on Earth? Someone with feet much larger than hers had come down the chimney. What if she had built a fire?

Legs clad in brown pants came into view. This joker had to be stopped.

Cell phone in hand, Faith remained on her knees and waited for the prankster to reveal himself. Whoever it was better have a damn good explanation or she was calling the cops.

She gasped. A man wearing a dark green Santa hat trimmed in brown fur and a matching dark green velvet jacket climbed out of the fireplace. He held a red stocking with a huge peppermint candy cane in his right hand.

Faith jumped to her feet. "Who are you?"

The man spun around to face her.

Dressed in an Elf costume, he had beautiful green eyes, slanted eyebrows and pointed ears. The quality of the material and construction of the costume were excellent, definitely not a bargain store buy. The ears looked real. And he was a real looker with the kind of face one saw on the covers of romance novels or in clothing ads.

Had Marsha hired a professional Elf?


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