Lunar Eclipse
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Canon Ross seeks his birthright, to live among his mother's pack. Reluctantly received, Canon is establishing his place in the pack until he's seduced by a she-wolf.

Violet Winter's father has decided it's time for her to settle down. Violet wants to mate for love and has refused to bend to his will. Brought before the pack elders, Violet is told to choose a mate by the conclusion of the lunar eclipse.

Sex with the unacceptable half-breed during the eclipse is an act of defiance, meant to demonstrate her independence, but the flames ignited aren't easily extinguished and Canon Ross isn't going to be a werewolf easy to dismiss.

One were and one she-wolf, destined to mate.

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Excerpt for Lunar Eclipse

"Wow!" Violet Winter glanced at her friend Macy. "You weren't kidding."

Her gaze returned to the half-naked hunk climbing a ladder. Like the rest of the construction crew working in the blazing afternoon heat, the guy had taken off his shirt.

"Nice butt."

"Thought you'd appreciate it."

Reaching the top of the ladder, the well-built worker stepped onto a framing beam, providing Violet with a full frontal view. She sucked in a breath. "He is serious eye candy."

Macy laughed. "Now you know why I've been running in the afternoon instead of in the morning."

His golden skin glistening with sweat, the hunk pulled a gray bandanna out of the back pocket of his cut-off jeans. Raising arms bulging with muscles, he raked his black hair off his forehead and tied the bandanna around his head. A triangle of dark hair was sprinkled across his chest, descending in a narrow strip down his belly and disappearing beneath the metal button of the frayed cut offs. Ohhhhhh, God.

"Does Jack know about this?"

"Raising three wild boys entitles me to a daily treat. I just look, never touch, but I'm gonna be real disappointed when this house is finished being built."

Muscles rippling, the hunk picked up a nail gun and secured a two-by-four.

"Who is he?"


Violet's insides went molten. "Define trouble."

"He's the half-breed everyone is gossiping about."

"They didn't say he was built like a god."

"His name is Canon Ross. He's single, twenty-eight. Just moved here from Wyoming and he's petitioned the elders to join the pack."

"Well, aren't you a fountain of information."

"I met him at my mother-in-law's. She and his mother were best friends when they were growing up, so he stopped by to introduce himself."

"Tell me more."

"His mother fell in love with a human and petitioned the elders to let her marry him. They refused. She married him anyway and the elders banished her. She moved to Wyoming and never came back."

"She chose a man over the pack?"

"If his daddy looked anything like him maybe she couldn't help herself."

The hunk's hair was jet black, straight and long enough to touch his shoulders, but Violet couldn't get a good look at his face. "I'd like a closer look."

"Believe me, the closer you get the better he looks. I understand a couple of the elders aren't too happy about his presence, but since his mother was related to Elder Garn, the old wolf is supporting his petition."


"She died years ago. Shot by a neighboring rancher who thought he was killing a wolf."

Her heart went out to him. "So where do I find Canon Ross when he's not working?"

"Maybe you should cool your jets and stay off the elders' radar for a while."

Violet tore her gaze away from the half-breed and looked at Macy. "What have you heard?"

Her friend pushed her damp bangs off her forehead. "Jack saw your father at the elders' lodge this morning."

Violet and her father had been at odds for weeks over her refusal to take a mate. "Any idea what he was doing there?"

"Word is he met with the elders and you were the subject. That's why I asked you to take a run this afternoon."

Violet clenched her hands. "Fuck!"


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