Christmas Cookies: Santa Six
Changeling Press

ivorced and eager to begin her new life, Anni Marks attends a Santa auction on Celestial Desires, an adult entertainment space station. On auction, twelve handsome younger men and one night of holiday pleasure. To earn extra money, Niko Dante takes on an extra holiday duty. As Santa Six he's up for auction. He's never done the sex for money thing, but one beautiful bidder gives him a night he'd never forget.

Sometimes the best presents are unexpected.

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Excerpt for Christmas Cookies: Santa Six

Wearing precision magnification goggles, Niko Dante adjusted the robot's pressure sensors. "Bliss."

The pleasure bot opened her blue eyes. Lying on a laboratory table, the bot's thighs were spread, her feet high in the air. Niko stood between her legs.


"Initiate sensor test." Niko glanced at the numbers and symbols scrolling across the screen. Pleased with the test results, he picked up a pressure gage, a robotic replica of a phallus. The ultra-sensitive gage was one of the most expensive available in the galaxy.

"Initiate copulation." In slow increments Niko inserted the gage inside the bot's undulating pleasure cavity. The bot squeezed and released with each simulated thrust. He pushed the gage deeper, burying all ten inches.

"Maximum pressure." Moving the gage in-and-out, Niko watched the screen. Satisfied with the results, he ended the test.

Bliss's mechanical muscles relaxed and Niko withdrew the gage. With practiced skill he resealed the bot's skin covering the control board buried inside her belly. Any client purchasing a session with Bliss would never see or feel the chips, sensors and mechanisms beneath the soft, pliable skin layers and silky, golden curls.

Niko removed the goggles. "Initiating live test."

The pleasure bot raised her head and winked at him. Although programmed, her reactions were so natural Niko winked back before sliding two fingers inside Bliss's slick, lubricated channel. She wriggled her hips in a suggestive response and tugged sensually on his fingers. The bot levered her weight on her elbows. A smile curved her lips and her eyes glittered. If Niko hadn't intimate knowledge of the bot's internal structure, he'd believe Bliss was real.

Niko removed his fingers and separated the seam of his temperature-regulated skinsuit, opening the garment from neck to crotch. Perfecting false realism was his job and Niko refused to submit a paying client to a pleasure bot he wouldn't trust with his own dick.

With sensual grace, Bliss rose from the table and slid to her knees. Gently, she wrapped her slender hand around his cock and took him inside her hot mouth.

Instantly, his body reacted, blood rushing to his cock. Her flexible tongue swirled around the sensitive crown and down the underside, making him hard as stone. She swallowed him, taking him to the root, formed her soft pink lips around the thick base of his cock and suckled.

He gripped her head, filling his hands with her silky hair. Her rhythm and motion were so natural, he rolled his hips. Close to climax, Niko stepped back, popping his swollen cock out of Bliss's mouth. Without prompting, the bot turned and planted her hands on the lab table.

Leaning forward, she stood on her toes with legs spread and angled her ass into the air. "Niko's favorite position."

Bliss's responses never failed to amaze him. "You never forget a client's pleasure," he said, caressing the perfect curve of her ass.

"Client's desires and pleasures are retained in my memory cells."

Oblivious to the cold, he fisted his throbbing cock and pushed the head inside Bliss's juicy vagina. The lubricant secreted by the bot's pleasure cavities contained chemical enhancers guaranteeing the client an amazing climax.

Thrusting deep, Niko pounded his cock into Bliss's wet heat. She squeezed with the perfect amount of pressure, emitted gasps of pleasure, making it difficult to remember he was fucking a robot. The moment he came, Bliss moaned and complimented his performance in a sultry voice. "Your cock felt so good."

Grinning, Niko sucked in a couple of deep breaths and wiped the perspiration off his forehead with the back of his hand. He knew Bliss hadn't felt a damn thing.

"Do you always come so quickly?"

Niko started, pulled out of the bot and turned. Tessina, the famous and not yet forty owner of Celestial Desires, was staring at his flagging cock.

"Sorry, no one is usually in the lab while I'm working," he began, aware of the heat creeping up his neck to his cheeks. "I always run a live test before releasing the bots for duty."

"Relax, Niko." Walking toward him, Tessina swept a lock of long black hair behind her bejeweled ears. "It's good to know you trust your skill enough to put your dick on the line instead of those of my paying customers."


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