Secrets Volume III
Red Sage

Love Undercover by B.J. McCall

In Love Undercover, police lieutenant Amada Forbes finds herself in a sting operation at a strip joint. While she performs on stage, Detective "Cowboy" Cooper, as a bouncer, gets to watch. Though he excites her, she must fight the temptation to surrender to the passion.

To My Readers: The truly rugged individualist, no matter what his day job, is usually a cowboy at heart. And what woman doesn't want a cowboy…

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Excerpt for Love Undercover

"I hate meetings," Detective Wes Cooper muttered to his best friend and partner, Tom Jenkins. Just thinking about sitting through another squad meeting with his sexy new boss reminded Wes of his eighth grade year in Miss Hollister's English literature class. Captivated by the beautiful redhead, he'd experienced several embarrassing classroom moments. At thirty-seven, a public erection wasn't likely, but it was damn hard to concentrate on the Lieutenant's comments when all Wes could think about was giving her a slow, intense strip search.

Tom checked his watch. "The Lieutenant's running late. Maybe she'll cancel."

"I can only hope." Wes shifted his gaze once again to the standard beige colored corridor visible through the glass-fronted conference room. When he spied his boss, dressed in a dark blue suit, threading her way past uniformed officers, lawyers, and assorted police personnel toward the conference room, Wes almost groaned.

On any other woman, a suit did little to compliment the body, but on Lt. Forbes an ordinary straight skirt and a double-breasted jacket took on a whole new dimension. No matter how hard he tried, and he had, Wes couldn't ignore the curves filling out the fine blue wool.

How many times had he chastised himself for looking?

Covertly, he'd watch the graceful, fluid swing of the Lieutenant's rounded backside as she navigated the crowded, narrow precinct corridors. Her long, slender legs captivated him.

At night, in his dreams, she walked naked. If he had to have a female boss, why did she have to be so damned sexy looking? And a green-eyed, redhead to boot?

Like Wes, Tom's gaze was fixed on the new Lieutenant. "The Captain says the boss has a master's degree. I understand she took a bunch of classes at the FBI school."

"Just my luck," Wes replied, thinking again of the sexy, unobtainable Miss Hollister who'd undoubtedly been responsible for his penchant for redheads. He glanced at Tom.

"She'll probably want to teach the burglars to read Milton."

"Who's Milton?"

"Never mind." Wes placed one booted foot on the unoccupied chair next to his as the Lieutenant entered the conference room and brushed past him. For a split second her tush was a mere inch from his face. A hint of flowery perfume lingered in her wake. Wes could just kill the Captain for hiring a female who put his male senses on full alert every time he saw her.

Amanda sorted out her prepared notes, then began. She was tempted to ask Wes Cooper to remove his booted foot from the chair directly to her immediate left, but as usual he sat there, his unsettling blue gaze fastened on her.

Fearless and cool when it counted, the good looking detective was too provocative for Amanda to ignore.

His startling silver-blue eyes enchanted her. His western style of dress and long-legged swagger had captured Amanda's attention and fueled her imagination. Whenever he was near, her concentration suffered, making her uncomfortably aware of how long it had been since she'd felt the caress of a lover's hands on her bare skin, the lustful brush of lips across her breasts or the heated thrust of an erection between her legs.


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