Snowbound (Box Set)
Changeling Press

Snowbound is a box set of the following stories:

Snow Angel by B.J. McCall
Distraction by Elizabeth Jewell
Bear Hug by Tuesday Morrigan
Night Shift by Lacey Savage
Lunar Seduction by Kira Stone
Melting Snowflake by Camille Anthony

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Excerpt for Snowbound: Snow Angel

Evan Price peered out the windshield, the falling snow challenging the SUV's wipers. The road was barely visible and night was falling fast. He hadn't seen another vehicle for a good hour and the mountain cabin he'd rented for a quiet week's vacation was still a good five miles away.

Rounding a curve, Evan recoiled and slammed on the brakes. Something big, white and winged hit the hood of the SUV, blocking the windshield. The vehicle skidded.

Evan turned into the skid, but the SUV slid off the asphalt, down an embankment then came to an abrupt stop. The engine died. The wipers stopped, caught by a large white feather.

He'd hit a fucking bird!

Evan looked out the rear and side windows. He saw snow, nothing but snow.

Grabbing the woolen cap he'd left on the passenger seat, he pulled it on. Evan opened the door, met resistance, put his shoulder into it and pushed. Bitter cold hit his face.


The rear rim was bent. Even with four-wheel drive he'd never get the vehicle back up the embankment. He was fucked.

Given the whiteout conditions, walking to the cabin was risky. He decided to take his chances in the vehicle. Thankfully, he'd tossed a sleeping bag in the back before leaving home.

He kicked the door and swore loudly. Some fucking vacation!

The snow on the hood moved. The damn bird was still alive.

The snow shifted and a slender hand appeared. Evan jumped back and fell on his ass. He scrubbed his face with his hand and swallowed hard as an arm, a pale, slender arm, rose out of the snow.

Christ! He'd hit a woman.

Springing to his feet, Evan pushed the snow aside. A wing popped up, then another wing. Snow flew in every direction.

Fear laced through Evan. Heart ready to jump out of his chest, he blinked several times.

A woman with big blue eyes and white wings was staring at him.


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