Something Blue
Cobblestone Press

For designer Cassie Grace beautiful gowns are her livelihood and her Something Blue lingerie adds just a touch of spice to the wedding night. Usually, she's not the one experiencing a night of passion, but a handsome best man changes Cassie's plans.

Jason Land is in town for one short weekend to celebrate his best friend's wedding, but a sexy designer makes for an amazing, unforgettable night.

Falling in love was the last thing either of them expected.

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Excerpt for Something Blue

Cassie Grace checked her wristwatch again and continued pacing the room. Late for a necessary refitting, the maid-of-honor wasn't answering her phone. Nor, for that matter, was the bride. With only a few hours left until the wedding march began, Cassie had let out the bodice seams, but she needed the body.

She dialed Amy, the maid-of-honor's, room. Pick up, pick up!

The moment the hotel's automatic message center began Cassie disconnected. She'd already left two messages.

The bride's frantic call two days ago concerning an emergency appendectomy for one of the bridesmaids had forced Cassie to reschedule appointments and spend an entire day altering a dress to fit an eleventh hour replacement.

Then Amy had arrived and given Cassie another set back.

The model had made a grand entrance at last night's rehearsal dinner and wowed the bridal party with her recently enhanced bosom. While everyone had admired the major development Cassie had scrambled to move her Saturday appointments into next week. The model's brand new double D's hadn't a snowball's chance in hell of fitting into the bodice of her gown.

Cassie dialed Amy's room again with no result. She should have insisted on a fitting last night before the entire wedding party went out on the town.

She called the bride's room. Finally, Heather answered the phone.

"Amy didn't show for her fitting."

"What time is it?"


"Ten! I need coffee."

"I need a maid-of-honor. Amy's not answering her phone."

"She sleeps like a log. Bang on her door."

Cassie rubbed her forehead to ward away the pain signaling a stress generated headache. "I did. She's not answering that either."

"Uhh. Oh yeah. Try Jason's room."

"Jason. The best man?"

"Yeah. Tall. Dark hair. Blue eyes."

The moment Cassie had laid eyes on the best man she'd understood the breathy exchange she'd overheard between the bridesmaids. The Seattle architect was tall, lean, movie star handsome with broad shoulders, a Southern California tan and a smile that promised passion.

"What's his room number?"

"The guys are in the north wing of the fourteenth floor. Bang on doors at the end of the corridor, you'll find him."

Last night Cassie had hoped for an introduction, but an urgent call from another bride-to-be had demanded her attention. She'd finally get to meet Jason only to roust him out of bed with the maid-of-honor.


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