Heat Stroke: Summer Passion
Changeling Press

Lochlan has something Treya wants, a valuable aphrodisiac called Summer Passion. She has a buyer and is ready to negotiate. The sexy ex-pirate turned corporate mogul is willing to bargain, but Lochlan's price is one night with Treya.

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Excerpt for Heat Stroke: Summer Passion

Treya tugged at the collar of her black skinsuit and wondered if the sudden flush of searing heat was because of the sun beating down on her back or the man. Both were hot. "Your price, Lochlan?"

He smiled. His face was a perfect blend of planes and angles, his eyes an intense blue and his lips, well, those he could put anywhere he wanted.

The Summer Passion dangled from his long fingers. If he dropped the vial, she'd have to dive for it, literally. Treya doubted she'd have time to initiate her glide boots and catch it before it fell into the lagoon.

Fuck, it was hot. She wasn't dressed for paradise.

"One night." Challenge burning in Lochlan's wicked blue eyes.

One night. Her gaze swept over his sleek muscled body. Tanned to golden perfection, Locklan wore a pair of black swim trunks and flip-flops. She'd imagined him naked on numerous occasions, usually while in the throes of an erotic dream. Maybe tonight her fantasy would become a reality. But a girl couldn't appear too eager.

"I have a buyer on Rigel 4. He's willing to pay two million credits. We can split the profit."

He rocked his hand. Back and forth, the vial filled with the precious aphrodisiac swayed. "It's not credits I'm in need of tonight."

Was he playing with her? Or was he serious? "Don't fuck with me, Lochlan."

"That's exactly what I want to do for one, long, hot summer night."

His words slid through her brain, a sinful temptation. Things came easily to the rich. They valued the things that didn't. A pirate turned corporate mogul, Lochlan was one of the richest men in the 'verse.

Eyeing the vial, Treya stepped closer. "Take a walk on the beach or a stroll around your hotel. Solis 6 is filled with willing partners. Women. Men. Some yet to be determined."

"I want you."


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