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Tyr (Thunder Wolves 4)
Changeling Press

For werewolves it's all about scent. With every breath he takes, Tyr Thunder is enthralled by Aggie. The beautiful salon owner is perfect in every way. She even has an ability common in wolves, but unfound in humans. The connection between them is profound.

As the relationship develops between the handsome veteran and Aggie Scott, her Reno weekend turns into a romantic interlude. Is he the alpha of her dreams?

The explanation is rooted in a tragic event, a shared past that links them to one another.

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Excerpt from Tyr

The pilot's calm voice did little to ease Aggie Scott's rising fear. Wind buffeted the plane. Rain slashed at the window. The passengers' voices became agitated. Aggie's heart pounded. She closed her eyes and took slow, deep breaths.

How foolish to think she'd grown out of her fear of flying. Why hadn't she driven? Stupid. Stupid.

The plane pitched and the wings rocked. A death grip on the armrests, Aggie said a silent prayer.

The plane dipped and shuddered, rattling the luggage stuffed in the overhead compartment. Panic clawed its way up Aggie's throat. She clenched her teeth, suppressing a scream.

The voices faded. Silence. Then she was in another plane, smaller, the interior dark, the engine loud. She looked out the window, seeing nothing but flashes of light. Thunder boomed. The plane shuddered. Voices cut through the noise. Voices fraught with emotion, but so clear it was if they were inside her head.

"Iris, it's just a storm."


"It's okay, baby. Close your eyes and stay in your seat."


"Iris, listen to Mommy. You're okay. Hold onto Fred. Don't let go."

"Don't be scared, Fred."

The plane lifted and dropped so suddenly, Aggie's already white knuckled hold on the armrest tightened.

Aggie gasped, startled. She opened her eyes to a large, bright cabin filled with people. Up front, a baby wailed. Across the aisle a woman sobbed. In the seat behind her, someone was throwing up. A child cried.

Maybe it was Iris.

Aggie had the oddest feeling. She didn't know anyone named Iris, but still she sensed a familiarity, a connection. The kid was scared half to death. Don't think about dying. If Iris was capable of handling the situation, Aggie should get a grip and tough it out.

"Are you all right?"

The deep male voice penetrated her thoughts. Her heart pounding, Aggie looked at the man seated beside her. About her age, with dark hair and brown eyes, he appeared perfectly calm.

"I don't know," Aggie said. She was so damn scared she wanted to scream and never stop. "Aren't you frightened?"

"I've been in worse," he said, his voice matter-of-fact. "At least no one is shooting at us."

"You're a soldier?"
"I was. I've been a civilian for a whole month ow."

Lightning flashed, illuminating the windows. A loud bang came right on its heels. Aggie screamed, her voice blending in with the shouts and shrieks of fellow passengers.

"Don't worry. It's okay."

Aggie now knew the definition of terror. "It doesn't feel okay."

"The plane is designed to handle a lightning strike," he said, his voice as calm as the pilot's.

Her heart raced. "We were hit by lightning?" Fearing another flash, Aggie glanced at the window.

"No, the plane wasn't struck. We're safe." He held out his hand. "Hold my hand and we'll be fine."

Aggie unclenched her hand, releasing the armrest. She grabbed his hand as if it were a lifeline. His fingers were long, his hand calloused. The man was a stranger, but right now she needed his strength and confidence.

His hand was warm. Hers was ice cold.

The plane pitched violently. Aggie closed her eyes and squeezed the stranger's hand.

"Hold on tight," he said. "You're okay."

Aggie sucked in a breath. She'd heard those words before.

An image flashed. The storm had passed. The trees were big and the ground wet. The wolf had yellow eyes, but she wasn't scared.

Hold onto me.

She grabbed onto the wolf's fur and began to walk.


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