Vazan Vampires (Collection)

Changeling Press

This collection contains the previously released novellas Sinful Urges, Hunting Evil, and Heartfire. Vazan Shield provides the best security in the universe. Hire Imara, Maxim or Daecon. You won’t be disappointed.

Sinful Urges

Bodyguard Imara Baz is hired to work undercover for one the richest executives in the galaxy. It’s a dream job except for one hitch. Although she’s posing as the executive’s lover, it’s his personal bodyguard, a member of the Believers, sworn enemies of vampires that heats Imara’s blood.

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Hunting Evil

Maxim is one of the best hunters in the universe and if he brings an evil shapeshifter to justice the bounty is huge. Maxim can’t trust Zoe, but he needs her to find his quarry. Although Maxim’s reputation is well known, Zoe will do anything to get out of prison, even deceive the sexy vampire.

Heartfire The universe is vast, but finding a dragon on the auction block isn’t a usual occurrence for hunter Daecon Kreass. Arara is a magnificent dragon shifter and a stunning woman, but she’s also Zyafayan aristocracy. No matter how much she stirs his blood, Daecon must keep her at arms length and deliver her to her royal family.


Excerpt for Sinful Urges

Without her blaster, flash discs and pulse spheres, Imara Baz felt naked, stripped of the tools of her trade. The silky material of her emerald-green dress swirled around her knees as she waited on the roof of the Talus News building. The high-heeled sandals she wore were totally impractical for a bodyguard, but going undercover as Maine Montroyal's lover demanded a flashy, sexy style. If her Vazan Shield co-workers got a glimpse of her shiny emerald-painted toenails she'd never live it down.

Within minutes an Experience Resorts corporate rover landed. A broad- shouldered man dressed in black and two droids, Montroyal's personal security detail, were first to deplane. The man scanned the area, gave her a detailed once-over, before Montroyal disembarked.

Shorter and slimmer than the bodyguard, Montroyal straightened the lapels of his gray suit, smoothed an errant lock of black hair, and headed toward her. His stride, confident as his smile, was quick without appearing hurried. Pretty boy handsome with eyes as blue as a tropical sea, the executive took her hands in his and checked her out from head to toe.

"Darling." His lips grazed both cheeks. "Imara Baz?"

"Reporting for duty, Sir," she whispered back.

"You look amazing."He introduced the bodyguard. "Mr. Tanner."

Brown eyes met hers, held, never drifting south to her obvious cleavage. "Ms. Baz."

Tanner knew his place and respected Montroyal's property but beneath that cool exterior Imara saw a warrior, ready to act with deadly force if necessary. Good qualities in a bodyguard.

Imara admired men like Tanner who were physically tough, action oriented and intense in every facet of their lives. Too bad she wasn't partnered with Tanner instead of his boss. His high cheekbones, strong chin, and imperfect nose were appealing. Streaked by the sun, his thick and slightly unruly brown hair grazed his collar.

If his mind was half as fit as his body the job just might be interesting as well as profitable.

Montroyal addressed Tan

"Imara is Vazan Shield. She'll be traveling with me until the Purists threat is handled. She'll remain undercover during the course of her stay."

Tanner's eyes went hard and his mouth thinned, his reaction so subtle most would have missed it. Why hadn't Montroyal informed his personal bodyguard of her arrival?

Or had the boss failed to mention she was Vazan? Not everyone liked having a vampire on the team.

Montroyal took her arm. "Ready, darling?"

When Tanner raised his right hand to signal the droids, Imara caught a glimpse of the Believers crux, a cross patterned after a constellation visible in the Earth sky, tattooed on his inner wrist and understood the bodyguard's reaction. Throughout the galaxy she'd had to interact with people who disliked vampires. Tanner's religious affiliation might add a layer of difficulty to the job and definitely dispelled any possibility of intimacy.

Too bad. The bodyguard had something that sizzled her senses and Imara had a gut feeling he didn't spread it around as often as Montroyal. The press loved the handsome executive and often commented on his lovers. Imara had no intention of being a footnote in Montroyal's love life.

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