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A royal sex slave has escaped and Lexa Clash of the Protectors of the Realm is ordered by the Queen of Malrann to bring him back alive and healthy. Lexa doesn't approve of slavery and is disillusioned with the crown, but a Protector must follow orders.

Regus Anchon is on the run, headed for the safety of the Wildlands, a rebel stronghold. A confrontation between hunter and hunted has unexpected results, the hunter is now the prisoner.

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Excerpt for Wildlander

Chapter One

The twenty-third century approaches and opposition to the crown is growing. The queen has diminished the elected council and rules with an iron fist using the Protectors of the Realm as her personal army. The rebels are called the Wildlanders.

Regus Anchon glared at the woman who had enslaved him and forced him to wear a control collar. A renowned beauty, Queen Helisan of Malrann had bright blue eyes, long golden hair, and a black heart.

The queen untied the sash of her purple robe, giving him a glimpse of her naked body. Instead of admiring Helisan, Regus looked away and sipped his wine.

"Take off your shirt!"

Ignoring her command, Regus took another sip of wine.

Her voice softened. "Please, Regus. I want to look at you."

He placed his wine glass on the bedside table and pulled his shirt over his head.

She stroked his bare chest. "Make love to me."

He picked up the wine and drained the glass. "Not as long as I wear this collar."

Her hand slid lower, grasping his genitals through the material of his pants. "You're my slave, Regus. You belong to me for the rest of your life."

Regus ignored Helisan's active fingers, willing himself not to respond. He'd been ignoring her sexual overtures for days, a chancy tactic when dealing with an irrational sovereign with the power of life and death at her fingertips. Helisan took what she wanted without respect for others, but was easily bored.

"I order you to make love to me."

"Summon one of your sweet boys. They enjoy being submissive."

Her slave harem of handsome young men lived in luxury, as long as they pleased her. When they didn't, punishment was swift.

"I order you."

Regus met her furious gaze. "I need more wine," he said.

She released him. "You shouldn't displease me."

Ignoring her warning, Regus walked away. He knew he played a dangerous game, but succumbing to her demands meant remaining a slave. "Summon your boys. Perhaps I'll watch."

Before Regus reached the serving table, Helisan ran up to him and grabbed the jewel-encrusted collar she'd had placed around his neck. "I'm tired of housecats, I want a hellcat."

"A hellcat doesn't wear a collar."

The queen was used to fawning admirers, submissive servants, and flattering subordinates. Denying Helisan only made her want something more. Regus was counting on her obsessive nature to obtain what he wanted, removal of the control collar from around his neck. As long as Regus wore the collar he'd never escape.

Made of gold, the fitted collar was encrusted with jewels, each bearing an emblem. In order to see the emblems, he had to look into a mirror. Only Helisan knew the correct combination of emblems to touch in order to unlock the collar. Regus had tested the collar's limitations by moving beyond his pre-determined security barrier, and as a reward he'd received a debilitating shock. In addition, when he displeased Helisan, she had the ability to administer a shock by using a remote control. The queen inflicted pain often and always with a smile. The system was simple, but effective.

"Make love to me."

Regus doubted Helisan understood the concept of lovemaking.

"Make love to me now or endure the pain of refusal."

She'd threatened him before. Instead of capitulating to her demands, he'd withstood the painful shocks from the collar. The jolt had sent shock waves through his nervous system and rendered him incapable of moving.

Regus discovered the more he dared to defy Helisan, the more she became intrigued by him. Getting him in bed had become an obsession. He'd been her slave for seventeen horrific days, and they had yet to have sex. So far she hadn't thrown him in the dungeon, but eventually, Helisan would tire of the game and any chance of escape would be lost. For Regus time was running out.

He grasped her hand and removed it from the collar. If any of her harem boys had done that she would have him whipped, but then none of her sex slaves had the balls to disobey. "Jolt me or take the damn thing off."

"Slaves must wear control collars. It's the law."

"I thought you were the law. I didn't realize those old men on the council were the real rulers of Malrann. What a pity," he said, planting a kiss to her palm. "Your flesh is so lovely, your body so ripe and lush." He nipped the soft flesh of her hand. "I could spend hours taming you. Give you what you've been missing."

As expected, Helisan's eyes flamed with desire. "What have I been missing?"

Helisan craved an alpha lover, a man as feral as she. If she removed the control collar, Regus would be that man. Then he'd escape this opulent prison.

"You're husband was old and your pretty youths are unimaginative. What you need is a lusty man between your legs."

Her breath hitched. Knowing he'd gotten to her, Regus dropped her hand and stepped to the serving table. His movements slow and measured, he picked up the bottle of wine, refilled his glass and drank. He set down the glass and poured more wine.

"I rule here. I do as I please."

Regus tugged on his control collar. "Prove it."

"Why should I?"

Regus gritted his teeth, then turned to face her and smiled. "Because I can give you something your harem boys can't."

Lifting her chin, she looked at him. "What?"

Regus pulled on one end of the string tie of his waistband, and his pants fell to his ankles. Helisan gasped at his erection. After seeing her ‘boys' cavort around the bathing pools, Regus counted on his size impressing her.

"I can give you the fuck of your life. Remove the collar."

Helisan licked her lips. "Afterwards."

Regus shook his head and leaned down to pick up his pants.

"When we're alone I'll take it off, but during the day you must wear the collar."

His heart rate jumped at the prospect of freedom. Regus stroked his cock, making his erection harder and thicker. "At night when we're alone, beginning tonight."

Her gaze still glued to his cock, Helisan shrugged off her robe, letting it fall to the floor.


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