Santa's Helpers: Wolf Run
Changeling Press

Stella’s getting her Christmas wish, fur.

A winter storm has closed the highway to Ridgetop, but two werewolves refuse to disappoint the orphans at Iverson School on Christmas morning. Acting as Santa’s helpers, Cade and Oliver pack the presents on sleds and make a wolf run.

Iverson employees, Stella and Charlotte are waiting for the gifts to arrive, but are the sisters prepared for two hunky werewolves and the most memorable Christmas of their lives?

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Excerpt for Santa's Helpers: Wolf Run

Cade tapped lightly on Stella’s door before stepping inside.

The apartment was attractive with a comfortable-looking sofa, entertainment center and winter landscapes on the walls. A Christmas tree with multi-colored lights and heavy with ornaments gave the room a cheery holiday ambiance. The dining area and kitchen flowed together.

She walked toward him, a vision in a red sweater that showed off the roundness of her breasts and jeans that emphasized her long legs. “I’ll take your jacket.”

Cade stripped off his jacket and handed it to Stella. He removed his boots and set them beside hers on the tiled entryway.

“Would you join me for a glass of wine?”

“I’d like that. Any chance I could shower first?” His day had begun well before dawn, and the last thing he wanted to do was sit next to Stella in a sweat-stained T-shirt.


Cade followed her to the bathroom in the hallway. At each end of the short hallway was a bedroom.

“The towels on the rack are fresh. Soap and shampoo in the shower.”

Cade noticed red candles placed in the corners of the tub.

Stella gathered the candles and set them on the vanity. “Sorry, the master bath only has a shower.”

The image of Stella bathing in candlelight flashed in Cade’s mind. He set his bag on the floor. “I really appreciate this.”

“If there’s anything else you need, just ask.”

Stella stood just inches away. For a few heartbeats they stared at one another. He shouldn’t be thinking about her naked or the possibility of sharing her bed, but her scent stirred his senses. Not the light floral scent of her perfume, but her natural female scent that spoke to the wolf.

Unable to resist her, he leaned closer. “Thanks for putting me up for the night.”

Stella lifted her chin, the action subtle but tempting. Their lips touched, feather light.

Fire licked through Cade’s middle, a howling-moon kind of fire that surprised him.

Stella’s lips opened beneath his, inviting Cade to explore. He grasped her by the waist, drew her closer. The brush of her breasts against his chest set off another flash of fire. Stella was human, but he wanted her with a passion he’d believed he’d only feel for one of his own kind.


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